Get paid NOW for your open invoices.

Toolbox gives contractors immediate access to cash for open invoices, up to 30 days early.

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Better working capital

Running a contracting business is tough. You wait 14-60 days to get paid from your customers; but need to pay for materials, labor, and gas right away. Use Toolbox to get paid up to 30 days early on your invoices.

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How it works

  1. Get vetted by Toolbox as an upstanding service contractor
  2. Input any commercial invoice in Toolbox and send to your customer
  3. Your customer approves the invoice as valid
  4. We get the invoice paid to you straight away minus a small fee
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Seamless experience

At Toolbox, we keep the process very simple. Once we've verified that you and your customer are businesses in good standing, we quickly confirm your invoice and make the funds available to you within 1-3 business days. That's it!

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Need a better way to pay for materials?

Learn more about the Toolbox charge card designed for materials purchases

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