Frequently Asked Questions

What types of projects do you typically work on?

We focus on emergency repair and maintenance projects. The average turnaround time for a Toolbox project (from request to finish) is 36 hours. Our technology allows us to match you with vetted contractors within minutes, so you can avoid running additional costs from the issue that's plaguing your property.

How do you vet the contractors you send out?

We have a 4-step vetting process:

(1) We collect applications from thousands of contractors, which include pictures and videos of projects they've worked on, certifications and licenses they have, and multiple references

(2) We call at least two of their references to make sure they're reliable and skilled contractors

(3) If references provide positive feedback and confirm their effectiveness, we then interview each contractor directly by phone

(4) Each contractor is then subjected to a Federal, State, & County criminal background check

What if a contractor does not meet our expectations?

If a contractor does not meet your needs, Toolbox will replace them within a day at no charge to you. Customer satisfaction is extremely important to our team.

What is the minimum commitment period?

Once a contractor has been dispatched, the project will have a 2-hour minimum commitment.

Are these contractors insured?

Yes - Toolbox can provide you with a Certificate of Insurance before your first project. We stay compliant with liability and occupational accident insurance requirements.

How does payment work with Toolbox?

Once the project is completed, the contractor will send you an invoice through Toolbox. Payment will be due based on the terms stated on the invoice; Toolbox will separately take care of paying the contractor. Please do not pay the contractor directly as you would still be expected to pay your invoice. If a contractor asks you for money, let us know right away.

Why should I become a Toolbox partner?

Becoming a Toolbox partner is a great way to solve for any unwanted downtime for yourself or one of your journeymen. Through our app, you can let us know when you are available, and our team will send you projects right away. We also give you increased visibility on our website and app to potentially find new clients.

Lastly, our app has incredible features - such as the invoice pre-payment tool to get paid up to 30 days early for verified invoices - which you get immediate access to as a Toolbox partner.

Join our community now and see for yourself:

Do I need to pay for the projects I get on Toolbox?

Nope; customers pay for the certainty of getting someone within a specified number of hours. Getting projects as a Toolbox partner is 100% free.

How and when will I get paid?

When you get onboarded on Toolbox (before your first project), we will make a test direct deposit to the bank account of your choice. After a project is completed, Toolbox will generate an invoice and send it to the customer. Once the customer has approved the invoice (meaning they are satisfied with the work you did), we will send payment to your bank account right away, even if the customer takes a few more days to pay us. No more waiting around for late checks!

How will I receive projects?

Once you've installed the Toolbox app, we will schedule time with you to go through our vetting process. Once you've been vetted, you will automatically receive projects on the app by simply marking yourself as "available". Yes, it's that simple!

What if I don't have my own insurance?

Not a problem. Email us at We work with a partner company (Toolbox Contracting LLC), which has a group liability insurance policy that can be shared with 1099 contractors.