Intelligent banking with automated bookkeeping


Toolbox is a financial technology company, not a bank. Banking services provided by Thread Bank®; Member FDIC.



No account minimum or fees. Free wire transfers.



Get up to 1.3% cashback or statement credit.



Free insights to move your business forward.



Earn a 1% yield on all business account deposits.

Why Toolbox

Because Every Business Deserves World-Class Financial Tools.

Toolbox is redefining business banking.

We offer intelligent banking features, financial insights & recommendations for your business, and automated bookkeeping to SMBs, ensuring financial operations are always at their peak.

Critical Financial Insights

Get a 360 view of your business' financial position and understand how to optimize your financial resources for success. Get tailored recommendations and direct access to capital needs.

Integrated Expense Management

Easy transaction categorization that effortlessly syncs with Quickbooks, Sage, or Netsuite to eliminate hours of data entry.

Accounts Payable Automation

Simplify your approval workflows with a dedicated inbox for all your invoices, automatically creating payment orders the moment they arrive.

Where every business finds its momentum.

Banking with Rewards

Now in Your Toolbox

Each purchase made with your Toolbox debit card accumulates rewards points worth up to 1.3% cashback. Plus, enjoy a steady 1% yield on your balances, making sure your money is working for you.
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Financial Insights & Capital Access

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Get critical financial insights and tailored recommendations to move your business forward. Access short- and long-term capital to grow your business.
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Business Charge Cards

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Access $6M/year on your Toolbox Corporate Card. 0% APR business capital for project supplies, materials, marketing spend, subcontractor payments, team travel, and more. Apply now.

Bank-Level Security & Enhanced FDIC Insurance

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Big bank-grade security tailored for the unique needs of small and mid-sized businesses.  Access up to $2.5M in FDIC insurance through a secure network of banks. With Toolbox, stability is a given, not a luxury. Get started for free.

Access the business capital you need to build a great company.

Lines of Credit & TERM LOANS up to


# of commercial lenders


easy application


Easy online application

We help you find, compare, and select the best lender offers with a single online application.

Unlock growth opportunities

Buy materials and supplies. Purchase equipment. Open a new location. Renovate your space. Hire new employees.

Clear approval criteria

Any business, from small to large, can get access to the needed capital as long as you meet our minimum requirements.

A wide range of options

Whatever your current business situation, there's a wide range of financing options to meet your needs.

Compare multiple loan options

Get loans on the most favorable terms from more than a hundred funders, all in one place.