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In addition to your corporate card, access lines of credit with competitive rates so you don't leverage business credit that will eat into your profits.

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Enjoy a clear sightline on cashflows. Simply your company's spend on one free platform.

Ready to scale your financial operations?

Consolidating spend is a strategic approach that streamlines procurement and financial management processes.

Consolidating spend improves visibility across all financial operations, allowing businesses to adopt a proactive rather than reactive approach to managing cash flow.

Businesses that maintain a clear sightline on cash flow significantly enhance their ability to scale and navigate through uncertain economic conditions.
A survey of C-suite executives and F&A professionals globally revealed a nearly unanimous agreement (96%) on the desire for more visibility over their company's cash flow. Moreover, 63% believe that a real-time view of financial data is crucial for business survival in the next 12 months, emphasizing the importance of cash flow visibility.

By strategically managing working capital, businesses can reduce the need for high-interest financing, preserving profit margins.

Accessing the right working capital at the right time is a pivotal strategy for businesses aiming to scale effectively. It ensures that companies have the liquidity needed to seize growth opportunities without unduly compromising their profit margins.

Toolbox corporate card members can also access lines of credit with Toolbox's preferred partners.

With a competitive rate line of credit in place, businesses have more leverage when negotiating terms with suppliers or paying off charge card balances to free up cashflow.

Accelerated financial reporting ensures that businesses aren't waiting months for critical financial data to make decisions.

With quicker access to financial results, businesses can better manage their cash flow, assess their financial health, and make adjustments to spending, investments, and other financial strategies in real time. This immediate feedback loop allows for proactive rather than reactive financial management.

Optimize your finance operations with access to real-time reports about your business cash position.

By monitoring cash positions closely, companies can take preventive measures to avoid liquidity issues, reduce the risk of insolvency, and ensure they have enough liquidity to weather financial challenges.