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Toolbox works hard to save your business money while helping it earn even more.

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$0 Platform Fees
Manage your business cash without dealing with any
maintenance, ACH, wire transfer, or overdraft fees.
Cashback on Debit
Does your bank help you earn cash whenever you spend cash? With Toolbox, enjoy up to 1.3% cash back with every swipe of your debit card.
Save Time & Headcount
Automatically capture receipts, categorize transactions, and export it into your accounting & project management software.
Why Toolbox

Earn cash as you spend cash.

Are you earning cashback on your company's debit card spend?

At Toolbox, debit card purchases—whether it's for equipment, supplies, or fuel—represents a chance to get a percentage of that spend back into your business.

By not utilizing a cashback debit card tailored for businesses, you're leaving money on the table—money that could be reinvested into your company to drive growth, improve services, or even reward your team.

Ready to make your life easier?

Custom debit cards can be created for people, teams, projects, vendors, and more to reduce the hassle of reimbursements and reconciliation.
When employees spend, their receipts are automatically matched for simple spend categorization.
Bank account transactions can be easily tagged and classified, giving you real-time reports about your business cash position.

“Businesses are easily missing out on thousands of dollars when they aren't getting rewarded.

This additional income from debit card cashback and yield can significantly contribute to the business's bottom line, offering a smarter way to optimize cash flow and increase overall profitability."
Wil Eyi
CEO at Toolbox

Start earning up to 1.3% cashback on debit spend.

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