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We make it easier to scale your business.

Our vision extends beyond simplifying your financial operations.

We aim to empower your business to reach new heights of profitability by equipping you with best-in-class financial tools that were once accessible only to the largest corporations.

With Toolbox, you gain the power to make informed decisions, streamline your financial processes, and uncover opportunities for growth that can significantly impact your bottom line.

“Scaling your business shouldn't feel like an uphill battle against financial constraints and inefficiencies.

With Toolbox at your side, you'll find the support and resources necessary to scale confidently and efficiently. Our platform is your gateway to unlocking the full potential of your business, enabling you to focus on what you do best while we help handle the complexities of financial management."
Wil Eyi
CEO at Toolbox

Trailblazing VC firms, the world’s best start-up accelerator, and industry leaders have invested in our mission. Their belief?

That Toolbox can improve your finance operations for the better.

Why SMBs?

65% of SMBs fail within 10-years.

At Toolbox, we know the success of a business over such a period requires not only a viable business model and market demand but also effective management, financial discipline, and the capacity to innovate and pivot as necessary.
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Why SMBs
Our Vision

Our vision for the future of SMB longevity.

In an ideal world, every small and medium-sized business (SMB) would not only reach the 10-year mark but soar beyond it, thriving in a landscape where success is not an exception but a norm.

At Toolbox, we see this as a tangible reality.
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Professionalize your finances with Toolbox

The easy way to improve your cash flow, secure business credit, pay vendors, and gain invaluable insights for profitable growth.

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