Supercharge Your Finance Team.

Toolbox's free expense management platform makes it easy to take control of your business's cashflow and profitability.
Save Money
Access real-time spend breakdowns by category, vendor, employee, location, and project to keep budgets on track.
Save Time
Automate your expense categorization and enjoy instant receipt matching whenever an employee spends.
Scale Faster
Review your cost centers, with real-time visibility into spend across budgets, teams, and projects to make more informed decisions, faster.
Why Toolbox?

We make it easier to scale your business as you grow.

Our vision extends beyond simplifying your financial operations.

We aim to empower your business to reach new heights of profitability by equipping you with best-in-class financial tools that were once accessible only to the largest corporations.

With Toolbox, you gain the power to see your cashflow clearly, professionalize your finance department, and uncover opportunities that can significantly impact your bottom line.
Corporate cards can be created for people, teams, projects, vendors, and more to reduce the hassle of reimbursements and reconciliation.
When employees spend, their receipts are automatically matched for simple spend categorization.
Transactions can be easily tagged and classified, giving you real-time reports about your business cash position.
The easy way to reconcile as you spend.

“Scaling your business shouldn't feel like an uphill battle against financial constraints and inefficiencies.

With Toolbox at your side, you'll find the support and resources necessary to scale confidently and efficiently. Our platform is your gateway to unlocking the full potential of your business, enabling you to focus on what you do best while we help handle the complexities of financial management."
Wil Eyi
CEO at Toolbox

The spend management tools to grow profitably

backed by the investors of Gusto, Rippling, and Brex.

Simplify Business Finances

Manage money movement with ease.

Managing cash and credit spend across multiple systems can create unnecessary headaches when forecasting cashflow and profitability.

From vendor invoices, corporate card spend, ACH payments, and more—control all money movement in one place for a clearer picture of your business finances.
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Why SMBs
What Drives Us

Our vision for your future.

A staggering 70% of businesses fail by their tenth year—primarily due to cash flow problems, lack of capital, and inability to operate profitably.

To increase the chances of success—businesses need to focus on cash flow management, realistic budgeting and forecasting, and effective financial strategies.

At Toolbox, our mission is to give you the ability to control your own future and build a company that lasts for generations.
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Professionalize your financial operations today.

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