Top 11 Must-Read Magazines for Construction Professionals

11 Best Construction Magazines and Publications You Should Be Reading

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Construction magazines and publications educate and coach you by providing information that can improve your business potential — and giving tips for gaining and retaining customers in the short and longer term.

In a digitized world, quick and accurate sources must be a staple for construction companies.

Running a construction company without timely updates is similar to operating without clear directions and leaving your company's survival to chance.

This article aims to educate the reader on some of the most highly-sought, well-reviewed, and dependable magazines and publications for construction companies.

Benefits of Reading Construction Magazines and Publications.

Getting familiar with the industry you are operating in is an essential requirement. These are some of the benefits that construction magazines and publications offer readers.

  • Increase your knowledge: A construction publication gives insights into effectively running a successful construction business. This can help small construction companies learn more and grow more quickly. For instance, a new company in the industry should subscribe to a publication to get tips on practical ways of doing things in the industry.
  • Get the latest business updates: Magazines provide regular updates on the cost and value of the industry. Companies or individuals can take advantage of this to understand the market better and adjust their profit systems accordingly.
  • Industry and economic updates: Construction publications often invite experts to share business tips for the industry — helping construction companies manage their economic value by the industry's latest trends.
  • Latest technological updates: Publications also help to keep businesses updated on the latest tech trends in the industry through the news on trends in the construction industry. Most magazines provide deeper insights and examples into trends such as 3D printing, automation, drone technology, etc.
  • Source potential vendors: Construction industry publications also serve as a means of advertisement for new vendors or service providers in your industry. So you can learn more and reach out to them directly when the business need arises.

11 Best Construction Industry Magazines and Publications.

Reading quality publications is helpful to constructors and construction businesses that want to upscale and grow in the industry. Here is a list of some of the best industry magazines and publications today.

1. Engineering News-Record

Screenshot -- Engineering News-Record ENR
Screenshot -- Engineering News-Record ENR

ENR is a construction publication that provides valuable insight into the construction industry. This publication is a staple for construction managers. It is popular for delivering relevant news on several core areas, including Patent Disputes, Public Development, Transportation, Waterways, etc.

Engineering News-Record (ENR) provides analyses, commentary, and news that the engineering and construction industry needs. Their audience includes engineers, contractors, government regulators, and industry suppliers.

Their construction industry publications cover different topics, which include:

  • Buildings tips
  • Construction methods
  • Design trends
  • Sustainability
  • Environment
  • Power and industrial
  • Transportation
  • Water & dams
  • Best projects report

Their membership plans come in a three-subscription package. Print and digital costs $9 to $12 per month (ot $108 to $144 per year).

The magazine has 26 issues per annum; the digital package is delivered via email. Both options give subscribers unlimited access to their website.

2. Construction Executive

Screenshot of Construction Executive
Screenshot of Construction Executive

Construction Executive is a giant in construction publication with over 20 editorial awards to boot. The publication confers with thousands of companies to provide their readers with accurate data.

Each issue published is centered around content that helps top managers run more profitable and productive construction businesses.

The publication has an interface that is easy to navigate. For example, articles on maintaining and operating machinery and managing projects can easily be found.

The content provided by the magazine is curated to help construction managers run a high-yielding construction business.

The content the trade publication provides is regularly centered around the following:

• Business ideas

• Technology trends

• Workforce management

• Safety and risks

• Legal and regulatory

• Insurance and liability

• Equipment and fleet

Their construction trade publications come as a digital "This week" newsletter and a hardcover magazine. The Digital 'this week" newsletter is sent out every Friday — 48 times a year from January to Mid December.

Their subscription plan is free for both hardcover and digital.

3. Builder Online

Screenshot of BuilderOnline Home Page
Screenshot of BuilderOnline Home Page

‎Builder Online is an excellent publication for architects and builders. The Builder Online construction publications highlight new products, innovative construction techniques, and business practices.

The publication also shares unique market insights to help project managers react to the market backed up with extensive data and quality analysis. In addition, vital market indicators like mortgage, interest, and GDP are regularly explored.

The site has a unique feature that allows project managers to interact by allowing viewers to upload projects and influence a broader community of readers.

The publications in builder online cover topics like:

• Construction industry trends

• Marketing ideas

• Design trends

• Technology trends

• Products and services

The subscription plan is free and comes both in digital and print. To qualify, readers must fill in their registration details. You can cancel your subscription anytime, and publications are delivered every day.

4. ConstrucTech (ConectedWorld)

Screenshot of ConstrucTech Connected World
Screenshot of ConstrucTech Connected World

ConstrucTech (ConnectedWordl) is the ideal magazine for tech-savvy construction personnel interested in getting more information about Tech in construction.

ConstrucTech tries to keep construction companies updated with the latest technology trends. They give out news in the industry and talk more about the future with technology.

This publication discusses issues on technology and construction and areas where both streams intersect. Reading the magazine can help constructors incorporate technology into their construction processes and improve systemic efficiency.

ConstrucTech shares topics such as:

• Business tips

• Products and services

• Technology trends

• Project sustainability

• Women in construction

Their subscription plan is free, and they issue their articles quarterly.

5. Concrete Construction

Screenshot of Concrete Construction Home Page
Screenshot of Concrete Construction Home Page

Concrete construction is a niche-specific publication that centers on using concrete in construction. The subclasses in this niche include affordability, maintenance, and design.

Centering on a specific niche affords the publication notable depth and expertise in the field, making it an excellent hub for architects and builders looking to incorporate concrete work into their projects.

Some examples of topics covered include — how weather affects concrete, what sealants to use, tools of the trade and how to use them.

Other broad areas the site discusses subjects not related to concrete, including:

• Business tips

• Product updates

• How-to's

Their subscription package is free for both print and digital magazines.

6. Constructor Magazine

Screenshot of Constructor Magazine Home Page
Screenshot of Constructor Magazine Home Page

‎This Magazine produces content tailored for members of the Associated General Contractors of America (AGC). Each publication provides analysis and in-depth coverage of the construction industry.

The magazine gives a more personal touch to constructors addressing salient rising issues in worker health and industry politics.

AGC publishes insightful content on the mental and physical health of workers in the Industry.

Constructor Magazine also shares the best infographics of how the industry is doing. In addition, on the site, readers are provided access to analysis tools and various supporting materials that help them make better and more informed decisions.

The central topics offered by the magazine include:

• ACG news

• Building tips

• Economic updates

• Human resource and labor

• Legislative news

• Infographics, statistics, and other industry data

Their subscription packages are free and distributed bi-monthly.

7. Equipment World

Screenshot of Equipment World Home Page
Screenshot of Equipment World Home Page

Equipment World is a magazine that is centered around construction equipment. The magazine publishes content about popular machinery detailing their uses and how to manage them efficiently. It also partners with other magazines like Equipmentwatch to explain the factors that affect your equipment's running costs, like rising fuel prices, and gives tips about mitigating those effects.

The magazine is also essential for marketers as it provides exposés into trending machinery in the industry, signaling what tech equipment marketers should specialize in. Although the magazine specializes, it does not shy away from general market trends.

They feature articles about trade shows, upcoming events, and new technology. They also give information on advancing your business from industry suppliers, project tips, and reviews on equipment.

Their publication focuses on topics that include:

• Equipment and tools

• Business tips

• Technology

• Workforce management

Subscription plans for their construction publications are free. They are delivered either daily or weekly, depending on what you choose.

8. Building Design and Construction

Screenshot of Building Design and Construction home page
Screenshot of Building Design and Construction home page

Building Design and Construction is a must-read for builders, architects, or engineers in the construction industry. Their articles focus on the latest breaking news, trends, and best research.

Their program is structured to help contractors develop appropriately in the industry. In addition, the magazine regularly publishes lists of industry leaders in several facets to motivate upcoming contractors with their Giants 400 series.

Readers are often introduced to interesting patents before they even hit markets. This gives investors ample time to join trends before the general public catches on.

Each magazine covers topics from:

• Industry news

• Engineering

• Architecture

• Construction industry trends

• Building tips

• Products

They run a free subscription plan for anyone; all you have to do is to check their sites and register. In addition, they release their articles daily, so if you are looking for daily news, they are the ones for you.

9. Remodeling Magazine

Screenshot of Remodelling Magazine home page
Screenshot of Remodelling Magazine home page

Remodeling Magazine is a magazine with an altruistic theme about giving back to the construction industry. With an emphasis on remodeling and design. The magazine regularly awards some of the most outstanding talents in the industry, like the Remodeling Design Awards.

Remodeling magazine covers various topics, including design, marketing, analyses, and guides. Besides regular print, the site's video blog showcases designs and models. Budding designers in the industry can benefit from the wealth of knowledge available for free.

Subscribers can access cost estimates for tools, design ideas, management advice, and many others to help remodel services.

Their topics are focused on the following:

• Products and services

• Remodelling tips

• Designs trends

• Project management

• Cost and value reports

Their articles go out weekly, and it's a free subscription plan. So if they're a perfect match, you should check them out here.

10. Pro Remodeler

Screenshot of ProRemodeler home page
Screenshot of ProRemodeler home page

‎The Pro Remodeler publishes articles to help builders, construction workers, and remodelers. Asides from print, ProRemodeler uses podcasts and videos to reach its audience. They share their wealth of experience and expertise with a series of resources, including case studies and white papers.

The magazine is invested in helping subscribers to reach their goals by regularly including thought-provoking articles that help with team and project management. They also publish helpful tips with creative "How To" articles.

The magazine is innovative, and they go beyond the ordinary scope of remodeling that most readers are used to dabbling in similar fields like Deep Energy Retrofit.

Some other topics they cover include:

• Business tips

• Products and services

• Events

• Best practices

• Design trends

• Safety protocols

Their articles come as newsletters and magazines, depending on your pick. The newsletters are free, cover topics like business, trends, products, projects, and news, and are issued daily.

The magazines are free but only issued to those qualified after registration. It is published monthly and takes 3 or 4 weeks to get the first issue.

11. Construction Dive

Screenshot of ConstructionDive
Screenshot of ConstructionDive

Construction Dive is an excellent magazine that offers readers a deep dive into the most impactful trends and events shaping the construction industry. Their articles cover topics such as:

• Design

• Industry regulations

• Safety protocols

• Infrastructure

Construction Dive publications come in 4 kinds, but they are all newsletters.

  • Daily Dive, which comes daily to the work email that you submitted
  • Tech Weekly, issued every Wednesday, comes through the email you submitted
  • Infrastructure Weekly comes out every Tuesday, received via emails
  • Finally, Labour and Safety Weekly is published every Thursday in the mail

You get to pick if you want to receive all or just one of them. For example, if you are in the construction industry and want to stay at the top with your news, you should subscribe to construction dive.

Final Thoughts

You may often need to subscribe to different construction publications to meet different needs. For instance, some journals are more centered around building content that helps to grow your business or career, while others educate you about the latest happenings in the construction industry.

We hope the list we've compiled in this article is helpful. Most of these publications are affordable; some are even free.

Did we miss any publications that might be useful for contractors like you? Let us know in the comments below.

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