Meet Toolbox. The easy way to manage business cash & spend.

Simplify business cashflows, save hours on bookkeeping, and access business credit—all on one platform.
Toolbox is a financial technology company and is not a bank. Banking services provided by Thread Bank; Member FDIC.
Cut your workload in half.
Managing your business finances should take minutes–not days–out of your month.

With Toolbox's free platform, know how your business is doing at the start of each day.
Unwavering focus on you
Our finance experts + world-class engineering team have teamed up to save you time, money, and peace of mind.
Automated receipt capture
Eliminate the back & forth and easily categorize your receipts on the spot.
Operational insights
Review cost centers across projects, spend categories, and team members.
Credit limits that scale
Enjoy corporate card limits that scale with you–with no annual fees or personal guarantees.

Optimize cashflow with the credit you need.

Access monthly credit lines from $2,500-$150k to free up cashflow.

0% APR, always.
$0 annual fees. $0 hidden costs.
No personal guarantee.

Reduced Payments maintenance and processing fees.

Say goodbye to bank fees.
Deposit funds easily, securely.
Get live support 24X7

Personal information is encrypted and protected

Say goodbye to bank fees.
Deposit funds easily, securely.
Get live support 24X7

Manage your debit & credit spend in one place

Assign cards for recurring vendors or expenses to effortlessly manage budgets and match receipts. Plus, change, lock, or cancel a card at any time.
Instantly issue digital & physical corporate cards with custom limits.
See the spend as it happens.  
Auto-sync transactions directly to your budget & expense categories for easy reconciliation.

Pay invoices with $0 fees

Send ACH and wire transfers without any fees with Toolbox's 100% free banking platform.

Payments are then easily categorized with the same GL codes as your accounting tools.