Manage Spend

Toolbox makes it easy to improve your cash flow, secure business credit, pay vendors, and gain invaluable insights for profitable growth.

Make smarter business decisions with real-time expense data.

Create Unlimited Corporate Cards

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Create cards for individuals, teams, projects, expense types, or even vendors. Then assign card limits to keep spending in check.
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Improve Employee Compliance

Easily capture employee receipts via SMS. Toolbox then sorts and categorizes, ensuring streamlined expense reporting.

Track Spend in Real-Time

Real-time tracking and notifications ensure you're always informed about company expenditures. Adjust spend limits or freeze cards whenever you need to.

Close Your Books Faster

Instantly categorize transactions and effortlessly sync with major accounting systems like Quickbooks, Netsuite, and Sage to eliminate hours of manual data entry.


Your financial data is guarded with bank-level security.

256-Bit Encryption: All your data is secured using industry-leading encryption, ensuring it remains confidential and safe from breaches.

Multi-Factor Authentication: Additional layers of security require multiple methods of verification to ensure only authorized users access the account.